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Mining in Australia is a significant primary industry and contributor to the Australian economy. Historically, mining booms have also encouraged immigration to Australia. Large quantities of minerals and resources are extracted in Australia.

Minerals and resources extracted from Australian mines include:

  • Iron ore – Australia was the world’s third largest supplier in 2012
  • Nickel – Australia was the world’s second largest producer in 2006
  • Gold – Australia is the second largest producer after China.
  • Uranium – Australia was the world’s third largest supplier in 2012
  • Diamond – Australia has the third largest commercially-viable deposits
  • Opal – Australia is the world’s largest producer of opal
  • Zinc – Australia was the world’s second largest producer in 2012
  • Coal – Australia is the world’s largest exporter of coal

Looking closer to home, mining is also a cornerstone of South Australian industry. In the financial year 2012-2010 alone, the net minerals sector was worth over $4 billion to the South Australian economy.

Mining Information

Mining is the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the earth, from an ore body, vein or (coal) seam. The term also includes the removal of soil. Materials recovered by mining include base metals, precious metals, iron, uranium, coal, diamonds, limestone, oil shale, rock salt and potash. Any material that cannot be grown through agricultural processes, or created artificially in a laboratory or factory, is usually mined. Mining in a wider sense comprises extraction of any non-renewable resource (e.g., petroleum, natural gas, or even water).

Mining and Smart Fabrication

The mining industry often presents unique challenges in harsh environments. Fortunately, Smart Fabrication never shies away from a challenge and has been involved in hundreds of mining projects.

Smart Fabrication is well equipped for mining support work with our new 30,000 square metre site. Of this, 6,000 square metres are undercover, and this comprises 5 workshops.

Smart Fabrication has a range of experience in the mining industry, having previously undertaken work on projects including:

  • Water trucks (SmartFab design or custom specifications available)
  • Rock slingers (SmartFab “Roocon” design or custom specifications available)
  • Earthmoving equipment (Over 1000 buckets completed to date, at up to 90 tons)
  • Site dust control units
  • Site container refits
  • Vandal and safety protection
  • Machinery modifications (hand rails etc)
  • Crane repair
  • Pig trolleys

All of our projects adhere to rigorous ISO-9001 quality standards, and we are currently working towards achieving ISO-3834 welding standards in the next 12 months. Our medium term plan also includes ISO Environmental standards and Occupational Health & Safety Standards. All of this is part of our culture of continuous improvement, ensuring that all work is carried out the highest quality standards.

Together, all of these factors ensure that Smart Fabrication is willing and able to take on any water infrastructure project that comes our way.