Headquarters: 44 Moorhouse Road, Port Adelaide SA 5015


South Australia is Australia’s ‘defence state’ and is the high-technology centre for the nation’s defence industry. The State has top scientific, research and educational institutions, a highly skilled workforce and state-of-the-art infrastructure – all contributing to a defence industry that delivers specialist services and products for the Australian Defence Force and other defence forces around the world.

Awarded the 2015 Most Outstanding SME in the defence industry by the Defence Teaming Centre (DTC), Smart Fabrication has been supplying to the defence industry since 2008, particularly in support of the sustainment of the Collins Class Submarines. A strong advocate for Australian Made Defence, Smart Fabrication delivers its services to the likes of ASC, AWD, Babcock, MacTaggart Scott Australia and Australian Aerospace. From the design and manufacture of pressure vessels to heavy engineering, Smart Fabrication excels most when the challenge at hand is a tough one. Many of the projects we undertake involve tight tolerances, in situ machining, post weld heat treatment, hydrostatic testing – all of which the company is well equipped to deliver on.

Located only 3kms by sea from Techport Australia – Australia’s premier naval industry hub, Smart Fabrication is well positioned to leverage the multi-billion dollar nation building maritime projects that are now destined for South Australia. Located on the Port River, Smart Fabrication enjoys a 168-metre water frontage, with access to 5 slipways which provides the company with a strategic benefit where it is more feasible to transport large fabricated items by barge.

Coupled with its internationally recognised ISO certified management systems in Quality, OH&S and the Environment, Smart Fabrication also has the Delivery In Full and On Time (DIFOT) track record to provide confidence to its clients that it lives and breathes a culture whereby “we deliver on our commitments, each and every time”.