Headquarters: 44 Moorhouse Road, Port Adelaide SA 5015

Company Profile

Our focus is on getting the job done on time, within budget, to the highest standards.

At Smart Fabrication we are passionate about achieving quality outcomes and delivering smart solutions to our client’s needs and challenges. We are a proud South Australian engineering fabrication company committed to exceeding client’s expectations by delivering products of the highest quality on time and at a competitive price.

Our business has an outstanding track record of partnering with our clients to deliver results in all facets of engineering; from quoting and designing to fabricating and painting. We take great pride in our work and are firmly committed to delivering impressive results for our clients every time.

Our commitment to clients, our competitive pricing, and our proven ability to think laterally places Smart Fabrication at the forefront of the engineering and metal fabrication industries.

The way we do things

Smart Fabrication achieves high quality outcomes for our clients through a constant focus on continuous improvement, quality work practices and investing in the ongoing training and professional development of our experienced staff. This is how we do things and what we stand for, and this is our commitment to our clients.

Smart Fabrication / ASCI Corporate Video

Our Vision

“To be the preferred supplier of piping and steel fabrication solutions.”

Our Mission

We don’t do average! We deliver first rate solutions. We employ class-leading expertise. It’s not just what we do, but how we do it.

Our Values and Expected Behaviours

Smart Fabrication prides itself on a strong, family-based culture which it has actively worked at developing and refining over more than 15 years. Integral to this culture are our core values, which have come from our staff themselves. Our expected behaviours set out exactly what we expect from our people to ensure we live our core values.


“We do the right thing, every time”

  • Treat others with integrity and respect
  • Accept responsibility for our own mistakes
  • Make realistic and achievable commitments
  • Do what you say you’re going to do


“We’re forward thinking to remain ahead of the pack”

  • Think outside the box and challenging the status quo
  • Favour change and innovation
  • Continuously develop ourselves on a personal and professional level
  • Open to new ideas and new ways of doing things


“We aim to do better today, what we did yesterday”

  • Be organised
  • Think before you do
  • Challenge “the way we’ve always done things” to find better ways
  • Minimise waste in time and resources


“We go the extra mile”

  • Stand out from the rest for the right reasons
  • Go above and beyond what’s expected – we don’t do average!
  • Action-oriented, ambitious and hard working
  • Helping our peers and the team when they’re facing challenges
  • Being modest and giving credit where credit is due

Key Facts & Statistics

In line with some of our core values of being Progressive, Efficient & Outstanding, Smart Fabrication put’s a big focus on continuous improvement. One important part of this is constantly measuring and benchmarking certain ares of Safety, Quality, Customer Service etc. Here are some examples of some of the area we measure.

Weld defect rate on Moomba Compression Station. 3364 welds completed on this project with only 26 welds failing to comply with the nominated standard AS4037 Class 1. Going by the TWI a 1.7% to 3% failure rate is the average for piping systems based on a lot of factors such as material grade, type of defect detected and welding process used.

Clients surveyed in 2015/16 including companies such as; Beach Energy, ASC, Leed Engineering & Construction, Fulton Hogan, Allwater, Santos, City of Port Adelaide Enfield Council, Guidera O’Connor etc.

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