John Holland

“Smart Fab has been preferred supplier to John Holland throughout the NSISP project because of their ability to respond and the consistent quality.” – John Holland

Leed Engineering & Construction

“Smart Fabrication has been the preferred suppliers to Leed Engineering & Construction for several years. We have found them to be a very professional, innovative and safe company to deal with.” – Leed Engineering & Construction

Glenelg to Adelaide Parks Lands Recycled Water Project

“Smart Fabrication’s commitment to safety and quality culture onsite contributed to the completion of the Torrens System Upgrade on time, on budget and to the performance specification set out by the client. I am pleased to recommend Smart Fabrication as a company with quality systems and performance, with whom I would gladly do business in the future.” – Glenelg to Adelaide Parks Lands Recycled Water Project

Adelaide Brighton Cement

I would like to take this opportunity to commend Luke and the team from Smart Fabrications on the work that they have performed on the new 1100T silo as a subcontractor to Broltons. The workmanship has been excellent, especially considering the starting point, and has always been delivered on programme as advised and agreed. Please do not hesitate to use my name as a reference for any similar works in the future. Adelaide Brighton Cement – CM7 Project

ARA Jobs

“The outstanding team at Smart Fabrication led by Mr Simon Kennedy, have truly shown the way on how best to deal with our most ‘disadvantaged’ new arrivals. Partnering with ARA jobs and the Australian Refugee Association, we have been able to achieve some amazing results.

I first met Mr. Simon Kennedy, Managing Director of Smart Fabrication Pty Ltd, almost 2 years ago and set him the challenge of addressing the issues that had been raised by the Media concerning refugees, especially the Sudanese people.

From the outset Mr Kennedy, showing his true character, took the challenge head on, and I believe has now set the standard on how employers, and we as a working community, can best deal with refugees and the many barriers they face once they have arrived in Australia.

We aimed to solve several problems: Australian Workplace Culture, Work Ethic, Skills Shortage and Integration into Australian Society. We called the project “Smart Fab’s Industry Incubator Training Program “.

Mr. Kennedy, using his own funds and linking his contacts, (special thanks go to BOC gases who helped with the supply of materials & Port Adelaide TAFE with help on creating the training modules and assessment), set aside some valuable floor space to create a fully equipped training centre complying with current OH&S standards. Within weeks the training commenced.

Suffice to say, with so much support and determination, the program has become very successful. All who participated have graduated with a Certificate of Completion, Greencard Ticket, Welding Industry Recognised Certificate for the modules completed and best of all, almost all of the participants have gained employment within the Metal Fabrication and associated industries.

Two of the trainess, whom we had judged to be the most difficult in placing into employment, have actually turned out to be our most outstanding participants to date, Wawu Maley and Shanan Ashgar Ahmed.

So from the Australian Refugee Association, ARAjobs and Australia ‘s new arrivals, a most gratuitous and heartfelt THANKYOU to the Team at Smart Fab and most especially to Mr. Simon Kennedy.”

Rithy Keut, Marketing Consultant www.arajobs.com.au