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In line with some of our core values of being Progressive, Efficient & Outstanding, Smart Fabrication put’s a big focus on continuous improvement. One important part of this is constantly measuring and benchmarking certain ares of Safety, Quality, Customer Service etc. Here are some examples of some of the area we measure.


Weld defect rate on Moomba Compression Station. 3364 welds completed on this project with only 26 welds failing to comply with the nominated standard AS4037 Class 1. Going by the TWI a 1.7% to 3% failure rate is the average for piping systems based on a lot of factors such as material grade, type of defect detected and welding process used

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Clients surveyed in 2015/16 including companies such as; Beach Energy, ASC, Leed Engineering & Construction, Fulton Hogan, Allwater, Santos, City of Port Adelaide Enfield Council, Guidera O’Connor etc.






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